Pat Metheny - One Quiet Night (rel.2003)
Front Cover Album Info
Artist/Composer Pat Metheny
Title One Quiet Night
Length 65:58 Discs: 1 Tracks: 12
Format CD-R (copy) Packaging Jewel Case
Label Warner Bros. Cat. Number 48473
Style Easy Listening; General Jazz Rating
Musicians Credits
Pat Metheny baritone guitar solo
Producer Pat Metheny
Producer Rob Eaton
Producer Steve Rodby
Producer David Oakes
Engineer Pete Karam
Engineer E.Scott Linder
Track list
One Quiet Night 05:03
Song For The Boys 04:33
Don't Know Why (Harris) 03:10
Another Chance 06:56
And Time Goes On 03:21
My Song (Keith Jarrett) 04:24
Peace Memory 06:14
Ferry Cross The Mersey (Marsden) 04:00
Over On 4th Street 03:43
I Will Find The Way 07:53
North to South, East to West 12:06
Last Train Home 04:35
_Discover why Metheny's considered the greatest guitarist of his generation as he sits down alone with his acoustic. Even causal listeners will want to hear the sumptuous cover of Norah Jones' "I Don't Know Why," while alt-rockers may think that Johnny Marr is really the one playing on "Song For the Boys."
_AMG Review:
Pat Metheny by himself with an acoustic guitar — for longtime fans it might not get any better. Always interested in blending jazz with folk and pop, the guitarist does just that, focusing heavily on the folk end of things on One Quiet Night. Featuring a nice afterglow interpretation of Norah Jones' hit "Don't Know Why" and an unexpected reinterpretation of "Ferry Cross the Mersey" which turns the Gerry & the Pacemakers classic into a poignant lament, the album also showcases Metheny as a melodic pop composer. "Song for the Boys" sounds surprisingly like an instrumental take on early-'80s British pop ŕ la the Smiths, while "Last Train Home" brilliantly mixes Metheny's knack for taking simple chord progressions and beautifully tweaking them with odd harmonies. Perhaps a bit light for some straight-ahead jazz fans, listeners interested in thoughtful, folky, jazz-inflected ballads will find this rapturous. — Matt Collar