Michael Brecker - Michael Brecker (rel.1987)
Front Cover Album Info
Artist/Composer Michael Brecker
Title Michael Brecker
Length 54:26 Discs: 1 Tracks: 7
Format CD Packaging Jewel Case
Label Impulse! Cat. Number N/A
Style Fusion Rating
Musicians Credits
Michael Brecker sax tenor, EWI
Jack DeJohnette drums
Charlie Haden bass
Kenny Kirkland keyboards
Pat Metheny guitars
Producer Michael Brecker
Producer Don Grolnick
Mixing James Farber
Track list
Sea Glass (M.Brecker) 05:50
Syzygy (M.Brecker) 09:45
Choices (M.Stern) 08:07
Nothing Personal (D.Grolnick) 05:31
The Cost Of Living (D.Grolnick) 07:49
Original Rays (M.Brecker/M.Stern/D.Grolnick) 09:06
My One And Only Love (G.Wood/R.Merlin) 08:18
AMG Review by Scott Yanow (5):
Although he had been a major tenor saxophonist in the studios for nearly 20 years and was quite popular for his work with the Brecker Brothers, this MCA/Impulse set was Michael Brecker's first as a leader. Playing in a quintet with guitarist Pat Metheny, keyboardist Kenny Kirkland, bassist Charlie Haden, and drummer Jack DeJohnette, Brecker performs three of his originals, two by producer Don Grolnick, and Mike Stern's "Choices." The music in general is straight-ahead but far from predictable; the tricky material really challenges the musicians and Michael Brecker is in consistently brilliant form, constantly stretching himself. Highly recommended.