MVP (The Mark Varney Project) - Truth In Shredding (rel.1990)
Front Cover Album Info
Artist/Composer MVP (The Mark Varney Project)
Title Truth In Shredding
Length 55:08 Discs: 1 Tracks: 7
Format CD Packaging Jewel Case
Label Legato Records Cat. Number TC -4030 2
Style Funk; Fusion Rating
Recorded live 
Comment właśnie taki hałas lubię !!!
Musicians Credits
Allan Holdsworth guitars
Frank Gambale guitars
Freddy Ravel keyboards
Steve Tavaglione saxophones & EWI
Jimmy Earl bass
Tommy Brechtlein drums
Producer Mark Varney
Producer Frank Gambale
Engineer Bob Biles
Track list
Rocks 07:01
Humpty Dumpty 06:31
The Fall 08:15
Not Ethiopia 09:36
New Boots 06:24
Ana Maria 09:05
Bathsheba 08:16
_Truth In Shredding, offers "a relentless, thrill-a-minute, Indiana Jones of instrumental music! The guitar work by two Guitar Player Magazine Reader's Poll winners is staggering!" Those two winners happen to be none other than Allan Holdsworth (guitar, synthaxe) and Frank Gambale (rhythm guitar, lead guitar), who also produced the album of seven instrumentals - 99% of which was tracked live! Intense, mind-numbing, intimidating - all have been used to describe the music on Truth In Shredding - recommended for fans ranging from fusion to progressive to metal. -
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