Allan Holdsworth - Sixteen Men Of Tain (rel.2000)
Front Cover Album Info
Artist/Composer Allan Holdsworth
Title Sixteen Men Of Tain
Length 53:00 Discs: 1 Tracks: 10
Format CD Packaging Jewel Case
Label Globe Music/ Gnarly Geezer Cat. Number GMMA 2200-2
Style Fusion; Progressive Rock Rating
Musicians Credits
Allan Holdsworth el.guitar
Dave Carpenter acoustic & el. bass
Gary Novak drums
Walt Fowler trumpet
Chad Wackerman drums
Producer Allan Holdsworth
Engineer Chris Bellman
Engineer Bernie Grundman
Track list
San Onofre 05:48
0274 07:45
The Sixteen Men Of Tain 06:27
Above And Below 03:08
The Drums Were Yellow 05:59
Texas 05:45
Downside Up 07:07
Eidolon 04:37
Above And Below (Reprise) 04:10
Material Real 02:14
_AMG Review (4 1/2):
Coming on the heels of some rather mediocre efforts, The Sixteen Men of Tain is startlingly superb. Holdsworth has stripped away the distracting banks of keyboards and allowed his soaring, gliding guitar to shine through in a way it hasn't since the 1980s. Even the Synthaxe, Holdsworth's signature guitar synthesizer, sounds organic and immediate, not to mention far less prevalent than on previous albums. Dave Carpenter's acoustic bass is a radical departure (check out his solo on the title track), as are Walt Fowler's two guest appearances on trumpet. "The Drums Were Yellow," a burning guitar/drum duet tribute to the late Tony Williams, is also a first. Gary Novak's drumming is appropriately complex and riveting on this and six other tracks. (Holdsworth's old compatriot Chad Wackerman sits in for "Downside Up.") In short, this album is full of fresh ideas and unadulterated improvisational brilliance — just when it was beginning to seem that Holdsworth's best work was behind him. — David R. Adler