Jaco Pastorius; Pat Metheny; Paul Bley; Bruce Ditmas - Jaco (1974)
Front Cover Album Info
Artist/Composer Jaco Pastorius; Pat Metheny; Paul Bley; Bruce Ditmas
Title Jaco
Length 36:37 Discs: 1 Tracks: 9
Format CD Packaging Jewel Case
Label SUNIL Cat. Number JD 1286
Style Fusion Rating
Recorded 1974-06-16  at  Blue Rock Studio, NYC
Musicians Credits
Jaco Pastorius el.bass
Pat Metheny el.guitar
Paul Bley el.piano
Bruce Ditmas drums
Producer Paul Bley
Engineer Jan Rathbun
Engineer David Baker
Track list
Vashkar (Bley) 09:55
Poconos (Bley) 01:00
Donkey (Bley) 06:28
Vampira (Bley) 07:14
Overtoned (Bley) 01:04
Jaco (Metheny) 03:45
Batterie (Bley) 05:12
King Korn (Bley) 00:28
Blood (Peacock) 01:31
AMG Review by Scott Yanow (3):
Although one often thinks of Jaco Pastorius' first solo album as being 1976's Jaco on Epic, producer/keyboardist Paul Bley actually gave Pastorius his first chance to lead a recording two years earlier. Coincidentally titled Jaco, this spontaneous set (which has been reissued on CD) is also significant for being among guitarist Pat Metheny's first recordings; completing the quartet are Bley on electric piano and drummer Bruce Ditmas. The music consists of three songs by Bley, five from Carla Bley, and "Blood" by Annette Peacock. Pastorius sounds quite powerful, but Metheny's tone is kind of bizarre, very distorted and not at all distinctive at this point. The recording quality is a bit shaky throughout the electronic set, and the group does not quite live up to its potential, but Pastorius shows that he was already an innovative player, making this a CD of historic interest.