Simon Phillips - Symbiosis (1995)
Front Cover Album Info
Artist/Composer Simon Phillips
Title Symbiosis
Length 62:22 Discs: 1 Tracks: 9
Format CD Packaging Jewel Case
Label Lipstick Cat. Number 8936
Style Fusion Rating
Recorded 1995  at  A&M Studios, Hollywood, CA
Musicians Credits
Ray Russell guitars
Mitch Forman keyboards
Wendell Brooks saxophones
Mike Porcaro bass
John Peńa bass
Jimmy Johnson bass
Sheila E. timbales
Chris Trujillo percussion
Simon Phillips drums
Producer Joachim Becker
Engineer Jess Sutcliffe
Mastering Doug Sax
Track list
Symbiosis (Phillips) 08:53
You Restless Angel (Phillips/Russell) 04:52
Midair Decision (Phillips/Russell) 04:42
Biplane To Bermuda (Phillips) 09:02
Isis (Phillips/Russell) 08:10
Out Of The Blue (Phillips) 06:14
Starfish Spaghetti (Russell) 07:03
Indian Summer (Forman/Phillips) 07:51
Sea Of Sighs (Phillips/Russell) 05:35
Notes Reviewer: A music fan ****
This CD is a great find for all musicians listening to contemporary jazz. The level of musicianship is very high. Simon Phillips is, of course, just fantastic. On this, his third solo effort, he turns off the sequencers and does it all with real musicians. The ensemble contains the core from Force Majeure - Anthony Jackson, Ray Russle and adds Mitch Forman and various percussionists. Several of the compositions seem to have more body than Simon's earlier work without losing any of the Simon signature fireworks. Absolute must for any drummer. I would have given it 5 stars but I would reserve that rating for aclassics like 'A Love Supreme" or 'Kind of Blue' and so forth.