Tomasz Stańko - Bluish (1991)
Front Cover Album Info
Artist/Composer Tomasz Stańko
Title Bluish
Length 48:19 Discs: 1 Tracks: 9
Format CD Packaging Jewel Case
Label Power Bros Cat. Number 00113
Style General Jazz Rating
Recorded październik 1991  at  Christian Music Studio, Wisła, Poland
Musicians Credits
Tomasz Stańko trumpet
Jon Christensen drums
Arild Andersen acoustic & el. bass
Producer Krzysztof Popek
Producer Tomasz Stańko
Engineer Paul D. Griffith
Engineer Andrzej Prugar
Track list
Dialogue (Tomasz Stańko; Arild Andersen) 02:33
Daada 03:56
Under The Volcano 05:03
Bluish 08:05
If You Look Enough Part II (Arild Andersen) 03:58
Bosanetta 08:40
Third Heavy Ballad 06:06
My W.S.B. Friend 06:52
If You Look Enough Part I (Arild Andersen) 03:06
Notes review:
Reviewer: Miroslaw A Drozdzowski from Brooklyn, NY United States
Colorful, seductive, rich -- a beutfiful up-beat Stanko album. As the title would suggest, it is a response to Miles' Kind of Blue. And it definitely lives up to the challenge. I own most of Stanko's cd's and this is my favorite, along with From the Green Hill.
Too bad it's not released in the U.S.