Arild Andersen - Molde Concert (1981)
Front Cover Album Info
Artist/Composer Arild Andersen
Title Molde Concert
Length 79:01 Discs: 1 Tracks: 11
Format HQ 192+ kbps Packaging Jewel Case
Label ECM Cat. Number 1236
Style Jazz Rating
Recorded live sierpień 1981  in  Molde Jazz Festival, Norway
Musicians Credits
Arild Andersen acoustic & el. bass
Bill Frisell guitars
Alphonse Mouzon drums
John Taylor piano
Producer Manfred Eicher
Engineer Jan Erik Kongshaug
Track list
Cherry Tree 07:06
Targeta 07:27
Six For Alphonse 08:26
Nutune 07:36
Lifelines 04:03
The Sword Under His Wings 13:21
Commander Schmuck's Earflap Ha 04:42
Koral 07:04
Cameron 09:39
A Song I Used To Play 04:57
Dual Mr. Tillman Anthony 04:40
Arild Andersen assembled this distinguished line-up for a dynamic one-off concert at the 1981 Molde Jazz Festival. CD reissue adds more than 20 minutes of previously unreleased material, and the original dramaturgy of the performance has also been restored. (ECM note)

Arild Anderson's Molde Concert was recorded in Norway in 1981. For this first CD release, Anderson has chosen twenty additional minutes of material and programmed the CD in concert order.
Besides the strong, driving bass of Anderson, the album also feature guitarist Bill Frisell, pianist John Taylor and drummer Alphonse Mouzon. Frisell's playing shines throughout the concert—his playing is strong, imaginative and ringing. (This could almost be called a Frisell date.)
Two highlights are "Targeta," a gentle and lyrical tune which features Taylor's piano and Frisell's guitar, and "Six For Alphonse," a more extroverted tune, with a roaring drum solo, featuring some driving triplets and rolls from Alphonse Mouzon. (One doesn't usually think of drummer Mouzon, who's played with Weather Report and Eleventh House, as an "ECM drummer," but he gives some punch to the playing without being overbearing.) And his playing perhaps pushes Taylor to be more outgoing than usual.
All in all, this is an excellent concert recording of this band.
— Alan Lankin, June 2001,