Susan Weinert Band - Mysterious Stories (1992)
Front Cover Album Info
Artist/Composer Susan Weinert Band
Title Mysterious Stories
Length 55:50 Discs: 1 Tracks: 10
Format CD Packaging Jewel Case
Label Selec Cat. Number vBr 2111 2
Style Fusion Rating
Recorded 1992  at  Sound Vision Studio, Cologne
Musicians Credits
Susan Weinert guitars
Martin Weinert bass
Hardy Fischotter drums
Producer Susan Weinert
Producer Martin Weinert
Producer Hardy Fischotter
Engineer Reinhard Kobialka
Mastering Radu Marinescu
Track list
Mysterious Phonecall (Dedicated To Klaus Kinsiki) 07:19
Never Looking Back 06:36
Wrong Time, Wrong Place 08:50
Three Choices 04:31
Feel Free To Come By Any Time You Want 05:51
A Short Story About Tofu 06:16
Put Me In Coach, 'cause I'm The Right Man For That Job 01:33
We've Made Some Good Money, Man ?! 04:58
Off Limit 07:26
Gangster Groove 02:30 Additional Mysterious Bonus Track
By John W. Patterson,

This the Susan Weinert Band's debut release, (as far as I know). Mysterious Stories has a Pat Metheny, Wayne Johnson, (hear it on the mellow “Feel free to come by any time you want”), or Birelli LaGrene feel in many places with brief flourishes of either Scott Henderson or Frank Gambale. Martin Weinert's bass and doublebass is “Gary Willis” strong and greatly serves to augment Weinert's electric guitars and guitar-synth. Hardy Fisch?r drums with precision and grace and drives the heart of the beast. Hear some mean drumming especially on “Wrong time, wrong place” and “Put me in coach, `cause I'm the right man for that job”.

Weinert gets her crunchiest and most raw electric-edged on the rockin' “Three Choices” and gives a taste of what her following release, Crunch Time would lean towards. There is that Ray Gomez, jazz fusion bluesy rock boogie happening all over the place on this one. That Tribal Tech feel is strongest on “A short story about Tofu”. Weinert even tackles Mike Stern territory in her riffs on “Put me in coach, `cause I'm the right man for that job”. On “We've made some money, man?!” I heard that Gambale/Henderson mix nearly 40/60.

This release serves to demonstrate just what great skill was beginning to blossom at Weinert's fingertips. Her later releases prove it clearly. Good stuff.