David Liebman & Marc Copland Duo - Bookends (2002)
Front Cover Album Info
Artist/Composer David Liebman & Marc Copland Duo
Title Bookends
Length 94:50 Discs: 2 Tracks: 13
Format HQ 192+ kbps Packaging Jewel Case
Label Hat Hut Cat. Number 587
Style Free/Avant Jazz Rating
Recorded 2002-03-20 
Musicians Credits
David Liebman sax soprano, sax tenor
Marc Copland piano
Engineer Peter Pfister
Producer Werner X. Ushinger
Track list
Bookends (afternoon, studio) 46:45
Bookends 1 06:23
The Searcher 05:35
Blackboard 06:26
Lester Leaps In 03:10
When Your're Smiling 03:46
In Your Own Sweet Way 07:59
Nadir 06:25
Bookends 2 07:01
Bookends (evening, live) 48:05
Cry Want 07:03
Maiden Voyage 11:53
Impressions 12:17
Wtc 08:33
Blue In Green 08:19
AMG Review by Glenn Astarita (4 1/2):
The title of this CD might imply that saxophonist Dave Liebman and pianist Marc Copland signify two jazz musicians who share similar visions and musical aspirations. The adage that like minds think along parallel paths serves as an underlying condition for the artists' third collaboration for the Switzerland-based hatOLOGY record label. This time, the instrumentalists work as a duo, performing a few originals amid modern jazz standards. They wittily reconfigure Herbie Hancock's classic "Maiden Voyage," where the duo unassumingly sneaks the primary theme into the grand scheme of things. With this two-CD set, the musicians glide through a sequence of meticulously enacted improvisations amid a delightful and generally probing rendition of Miles Davis' "Blue in Green," among other familiar works. Nonetheless, the artists' synergy seemingly sparks creativity here. Some of these pieces are marked by freely organized tradeoffs, to coincide with wistful melodies and bluesy dreamscapes. Sure, they turn up the heat on occasion, yet it is all about intuitive responses, delicately enacted frameworks, and memorable melodies, as they tend to collapse the history of modern jazz into a uniformly arranged production that most assuredly emanates from the heart. Strongly recommended.