Tony MacAlpine; Bunny Brunel; Dennis Chambers - CAB 2 (2001)
Front Cover Album Info
Artist/Composer Tony MacAlpine; Bunny Brunel; Dennis Chambers
Title CAB 2
Length 70:24 Discs: 1 Tracks: 10
Format LQ <160 kbps Packaging Jewel Case
Label Tone Center Cat. Number 4014
Style Hard Rock Rating
Recorded live 2001 
Musicians Credits
Tony MacAlpine guitars
Brian Auger keyboards
Bunny Brunel bass, keybords
Dennis Chambers drums
Producer Bunny Brunel
Engineer Bernard Torelli
Engineer Joe Yaoub
Track list
Decisions 09:15
Madeline 08:32
Dennis 05:17
For Joe 07:14
South Side 07:28
Song for My Friend 04:44
Temperamental 07:29
Top Spin 08:09
Wah Wah 07:03
Sunday 05:13
AMG Review by Glenn Astarita (4):
With this 2001 release, virtuoso electric guitarist Tony MacAlpine, bassist extraordinaire Bunny Brunel, and power drummer Dennis Chambers extend concepts witnessed on their inaugural 2000 effort. However, legendary rock/fusion keyboardist Brian Auger lends his signature style sound and laudable skills to the band's already turbo-charged methodologies. Simply put, Auger provides additional textures while frequently tempering and counterbalancing the trio's often-fervent pace via his climactically driven electronic keyboard work and stylistic Hammond B-3 overtones. Otherwise, the group continues its generally torrid mode of execution by trading viscous fours, amid turbo-charged funk beats, rapidly executed unison choruses, and demanding time signatures. Consequently, the musicians also incorporate melodious interludes and nicely arranged movements into the grand scheme of things. On this 2000 release, the group offers quite a bit more than your average everyday or conventional high-octane chops session. Recommended!

Cab 2 brings together four of the most revered instrumentalists of our time (Tony MacAlpine, guitar and keys; Bunny Brunel, bass, keys and production; Dennis Chambers, drums and Brian Auger, keys and B3) who join together in an unparalleled musical exchange of compositional skills and soloing abilities, creating a high energy jazz/fusion album that ranks among the greatest in the genre.