Chad Wackerman - Scream (rel.2000)
Front Cover Album Info
Artist/Composer Chad Wackerman
Title Scream
Length 52:22 Discs: 1 Tracks: 12
Format HQ 192+ kbps Packaging Jewel Case
Label EFA Jazz Cat. Number 06466-2
Style Fusion Rating
Chad Wackerman drums, percussion
James Muller guitar
Daryl Pratt vibes
Leon Gaer bass
Jim Cox keyboards
Walt Fowler fluegerhorn
Track list
Scream 06:07
Between The Dog And The Wolf 05:30
The City 07:58
Looking In 01:04
Days Gone By 06:09
Timeless 05:58
Cycles 05:07
The Way Out 00:48
Holland 04:15
The Grey Chair 01:05
My Two Worlds 07:05
Youse From Here? 01:16
AMG Review by John W. Patterson (4):
First off, Wackerman is one excellent drummer and superb fusion composer. With that out of the way, the next question is, "So how's this CD stack up in comparison with Wackerman's other solid fusion releases?" I can comfortably say, Scream does a great job of measuring up to all those prior efforts overall and continues Wackerman's reputation for great fusion.
When you follow the jazz fusion greats, you will find Wackerman drumming on many a super fusion release. And how's the axe-work on Scream? Oh yeah, it is superb. James Muller is tight, fluid, innovative, and by the way — shhh . . . he sounds like that Holdsworth guy. Many of those great melody, solo, and unison lines in Scream feature excellent vibes by Daryl Pratt. It all works just right.
Oddly enough, this Wackerman release sounds a great deal like vibe-guru, Ed Mann, is back doing that Get Up thing with a new guitarist. Grab that hard-to-find CMP label release and you too will hear what I mean. I loved Mann's vibe-rich grooves and fusiony Zappa-esque tunes on that 80's release so . . . Wackerman has resurrected a great memory and breathed new life into it. Guess what? Wackerman played drums on Mann's release. And furthermore, both Mann and Wackerman gigged with the formerly ever-evolving Zappa troupe. Ever notice how great musicians all jammed with either Frank Zappa or Miles Davis in their early careers?