Billie Holliday - Ken Burns Jazz (rel.2000)
Front Cover Album Info
Artist/Composer Billie Holliday
Title Ken Burns Jazz
Length 65:05 Discs: 1 Tracks: 19
Format HQ 192+ kbps (kopia) Packaging Jewel Case
Label Verve Cat. Number 549081
Style Vocal Jazz Rating
Track list
I Cried for You 03:11
What a Little Moonlight Can Do 02:57
Me, Myself and I 02:36
Without Your Love 02:52
Strange Fruit 03:12
Yesterdays 03:23
Some Other Spring 03:01
Solitude 03:13
God Bless the Child 02:54
Gloomy Sunday 03:09
I Cover the Waterfront 02:55
Trav'lin' Light 03:18
Lover Man 03:17
Don't Explain 03:22
Good Morning Heartache 03:07
Autumn in New York 03:41
Lady Sings the Blues 02:35
Fine and Mellow 09:06
You've Changed 03:16
AMG Review by Steve Huey (4):
In conjunction with the release of Ken Burns' ten-part, 19-hour epic PBS documentary Jazz, Columbia issued 22 single-disc compilations devoted to jazz's most significant artists, as well as a five-disc historical summary. Since the individual compilations attempt to present balanced overviews of each artist's career, tracks from multiple labels have thankfully been licensed where appropriate. That's especially nice in the case of Billie Holiday, who recorded excellent and essential work for Columbia, Commodore, Decca, and Verve. Since her signature numbers were also spread out over those labels, and since Ken Burns Jazz includes pretty much all of her best-known songs, this makes an excellent introduction and an even better single-disc retrospective. No other Holiday compilation gathers her original recordings of "Strange Fruit," "God Bless the Child," "Gloomy Sunday," "Lover Man," and "Lady Sings the Blues." While the collection isn't quite perfect — some might miss "Tain't Nobody's Business if I Do" or her cover of Bessie Smith's "Them There Eyes" — it is the only one to draw from Holiday's entire output, and as such, it's truly a best-of.


Bernard Addison Guitar
Lauren Atlas Packaging Manager
Harry Azen Strings
Philip Bailey Liner Notes
Danny Bank Woodwind
Danny Barker Guitar
Sammy Benskin Piano
Steve Berdowitz A&R
Emmett Berry Trumpet
Larry Binyon Sax (Tenor)
Adam Block Project Manager
Johnny Blowers Drums
Sol Blumenthal Strings
Phil Bodner Woodwind
Lester Boone Sax (Alto), Sax (Tenor)
Sarah Botstein Project Director, A&R
Dave Bowman Piano
Elise Bretton Soprano (Vocal)
Michael Brooks A&R, Project Manager
Ray Brown Bass
Ken Burns Executive Producer, A&R
Kenny Burrell Guitar
Tutti Camarata Arranger, Conductor
Armand Camgros Clarinet, Sax (Tenor)
Harry Carney Sax (Baritone)
Russ Case Trumpet
Al Casey Guitar
Big Sid Catlett Drums
Paul Chapman Guitar
Mike Charlasch Project Director
Doc Cheatham Trumpet
John Christiana Packaging Manager
Buck Clayton Trumpet
Cozy Cole Drums
Herbert Cowans Drums
Jack Cressey Sax (Alto)
John Crosby Spoken Word
Michael Cuscuna A&R
Dan d'Andrea Saxophone
Didier C. Deutsch A&R, Discographical Information
Vic Dickenson Trombone
Eddie Dougherty Drums
Frank Driggs Photography
Ken Druker Project Manager
Roy Eldridge Trumpet
Ray Ellis Arranger, Conductor
Howard Fritzson Art Direction
Barry Galbraith Guitar
Victoria Gohl Photo Research
Ron Goldstein Executive Producer
Benny Goodman Clarinet
Freddie Green Guitar
Urbie Green Trombone
Chris Griffin Trumpet
Tiny Grimes Guitar
King Guion Saxophone
Joe Guy Trumpet
Bob Haggart Bass, Conductor
Edmond Hall Clarinet
Chico Hamilton Drums
Jimmy Hamilton Clarinet
Coleman Hawkins Sax (Tenor)
J.C. Heard Drums
Nate Herr Project Manager
Eddie Heywood Piano
Milt Hinton Bass
Johnny Hodges Sax (Alto)
Paul J. Hoeffler Photography
Billie Holiday Vocals, Spoken Word
Kenneth Hollon Sax (Tenor)
Charles Jaffe Violin
J.J. Johnson Trombone
Osie Johnson Drums
Jeff Jones Executive Producer
Jo Jones Drums
Jonah Jones Trumpet
Carlos Kase Discographical Information
Bernard Kaufman Clarinet, Sax (Tenor)
Peter Keepnews Liner Notes
Monty Kelly Trumpet
Barney Kessel Guitar
Hollis King Art Direction
John Kirby Bass
Bryan Koniarz Project Manager
Kristin Kozusko A&R
Phil Kraus Percussion
Carl Kress Guitar
Leo Kruczek Violin
Skip Layton Trombone
Morris Lefkowitz Violin
Lois Soprano (Vocal)
Lawrence Lucie Guitar
Tommy Mace Saxophone
Patti Matheny A&R
Murray McEachern Trombone
Jimmy McLin Guitar
Peter Miller A&R
Grachan Moncur II Bass
Gerry Mulligan Sax (Baritone)
Jimmy Mundy Arranger
Larry Neill Trumpet
David L. Newman Strings
Frankie Newton Trumpet
Lynn Novick A&R
George Ockner Violin, Concert Master
Nedra Olds-Neal A&R
Walter Page Bass
Stanley Payne Sax (Tenor)
Jeffrey Peisch Project Director, Photo Research
Romeo Penque Woodwind
Oscar Peterson Piano
Flip Phillips Sax (Tenor)
Mike Pingatore Guitar
Ernie Powell Sax (Alto), Sax (Tenor)
Jimmy Powell Sax (Alto), Sax (Tenor)
Specs Powell Drums
Janet Putnam Harp
Kevin Reeves Mastering
Hank Ross Clarinet, Sax (Tenor)
Seth Rothstein Project Director, A&R
Babe Russin Clarinet, Sax (Tenor)
Nathan Savage Design
Dave Sawyer Cello
Hymie Schertzer Sax (Alto)
Tony Scott Piano
Richard Seidel Compilation, A&R
George Serloff Violin
Artie Sharpiro Bass
Charlie Shavers Trumpet
Jimmy Sherman Piano
John Simmons Bass
Carson Smith Bass
Tab Smith Sax (Alto)
Joe Springer Piano
Bill Stegmeyer Clarinet, Conductor, Sax (Alto)
Haig Stephens Bass
Alvin Stoller Drums
Pat Sweeting Business Consultant
Lee Tanner Photography
John Trueheart Guitar
Don Waddilove Trumpet
Mal Waldron Piano
Clare Walker Packaging Manager
Stan Webb Sax (Baritone)
Ben Webster Sax (Tenor)
Buddy Weed Piano
Alvy West Saxophone
Sonny White Piano
Johnny Williams Bass
Teddy Wilson Piano
Miriam Workman Soprano (Vocal)
Ben Young A&R, Discographical Information
Lester Young Sax (Tenor)