Scott Henderson; Gary Willis; Tribal Tech - Primal Tracks (rel.1994)
Front Cover Album Info
Artist/Composer Scott Henderson; Gary Willis; Tribal Tech
Title Primal Tracks
Length 76:59 Discs: 1 Tracks: 13
Format LQ <160 kbps (kopia) Packaging Jewel Case
Label BlueMoon Cat. Number 29196
Style Fusion Rating
Comment mój wybór z tych płyt byłby inny
Musicians Credits
Scott Henderson guitar
Gary Willis bass
David Goldblatt keyboards
Pat Coll keyboards
Joey Heredia drums
Steve Houghton drums
Bob Sheppard sax
Brad Dutz percussion
Producer Scott Henderson
Producer Gary Willis
Track list
Elvis At The Hop 04:36 Tribal Tech
Got Tuh B 06:47 Tribal Tech
Sub Aqua 05:35 Tribal Tech
Nomad 07:21 Nomad
The Necessary Blonde 06:55 Tribal Tech
Bofat 08:37 Nomad
Wasteland 08:07 Tribal Tech
Mango Prom 06:50 Dr. Hee
Self Defense 05:04 Nomad
The Rain 01:48 Dr. Hee
Ominous 05:08 Dr. Hee
Twilight In Northridge 05:21 Dr. Hee
Dense Dance 04:50 Tribal Tech
AMG Review by Vincent Jeffries (4):
There is plenty to like about this 1994 release of Tribal Tech material culled from the group's earlier offerings — Tribal Tech, Nomad, and Dr. Hee — specifically, the complex yet beautiful harmonic balance and dedicated interplay between Henderson's guitar and the rest of Tribal Tech (bassist and co-bandleader Gary Willis; drummers/percussionists Brad Dutz, Joey Heredia, and Steve Houghton; keyboardists David Goldblatt and Pat Coil; and saxophonist Bob Sheppard). In a genre of music that is completely ignored by the radio, the great thing about a hits collection like this is that the finest material (not necessarily the most commercial) is what makes the grade (and the track list). Selecting material for Primal Tracks must have been difficult, but the job was well-done. Each cut demonstrates the spirit of experimentation and musical dexterity that real fusion fans should expect from Tribal Tech, and there are more than a few classic Henderson solos to please shred fans with a taste for meticulous and occasionally outside-solid-body expansionism. This music speaks for itself, so fans familiar with Henderson's other projects (including his flashy solo blues recordings) would be wise to check out Primal Tracks, as it is a pronounced and articulate encapsulation of the splendid early-career work of the guitarist and his fine fusion band.