Joe Zawinul - My People (1996)
Front Cover Album Info
Artist/Composer Joe Zawinul
Title My People
Length 52:54 Discs: 1 Tracks: 11
Format CD-R (copy) Packaging Jewel Case
Label Escapade Music Cat. Number ESC 63651-2
Style World Fusion Rating
Recorded 1996 
Musicians Credits
Joe Zawinul keyboards
Paco Sery drums, percussion
Matthew Garrison bass
Garry Poulson guitar
Arto Tuncboyaci percussion
Salif Keita vocals
Thania Sanchez vocals
Burhan Oçal vocals
Richard Bona bass, vocals
Alex Acuna percussion
Trilok Gurtu percussion
Bobby Malach sax
Mike Mossman trumpet, trombone
Producer Joe Zawinul
Producer Joachim Becker
Engineer Ivan Zawinul
Mastering Ted Jensen
Track list
Intro To A Mighty Theme 01:54
Waraya 06:05
Bimoya 06:38
You Want Some Tea, Grandpa 03:22
Slivovitz Trail 04:14
Ochy-Bala , Pazyryk 02:31
Orient Express 07:55
Erdapfee Blues 04:55
Mi Gente 06:15
In An Island Way 04:50
Many Churches 04:15
Recorded 1992 - 1996 If one must indulge in categories, My People, featuring the Zawinul Syndicate and a United Nations coterie of guests, probably belongs on the vast world music shelf, the links to so-called jazz now so tenuous as to be nearly, but not quite, invisible. On the percolating "Slivovitz Trail," "Orient Express," "Many Churches," and the Caribbean-tinged cleverly-titled "In an Island Way," the music does suggest earlier versions of the Syndicate and Zawinul's nostalgic evocations of Wayne Shorter on the Korg Pepe reach back even further. Otherwise, Zawinul is looking entirely toward ethnic cultures for musical sustenance. The musical structures are linear, the rhythms full of intricacies welded to Zawinul's love affair with the groove, the synthesizer textures usually sparer than ever. There are vocals in several languages by Zawinul's longtime colleague Salif Keita (for whom Zawinul produced a great album in 1991), Syndicate percussionist Arto Tuncboyaciyan, a throat vocal specialist from South Siberia named Bolot, Thania Sanchez, Zawinul himself and several others. When translated, the lyrics speak of joy and unity among the cultures, and there isn't any doubt that Zawinul's bubbling music feeds the message of uplift. Hear it; you purists may be jiggling along in spite of yourselves.