Scott Henderson; Gary Willis; Tribal Tech - Rocket Science (2000)
Front Cover Album Info
Artist/Composer Scott Henderson; Gary Willis; Tribal Tech
Title Rocket Science
Length 59:06 Discs: 1 Tracks: 10
Format LQ <160 kbps Packaging Jewel Case
Label Tone Center Cat. Number 40132
Style Fusion Rating
Recorded live 2000 
Musicians Credits
Scott Henderson guitar
Gary Willis bass
Scott Kinsey keyboards
Kirk Covington drums
Producer Scott Henderson
Producer Gary Willis
Producer Scott Kinsey
Engineer T.J. Helmerich
Mastering Greg Calbi
Track list
Saturn 5 07:24
Astro Chimp 03:21
Song Holy Hall 04:59
Rocket Science 09:14
Sojlevska 04:04
Mini Me 06:17
Space Camel 05:28
Moonshine 05:18
Cap 'N' Kirk 03:01
The Econoline 10:00
AMG Review by Paula Edelstein (3):
The four adventurous souls known as Tribal Tech are on fire on their completely improvised release for the Tone Center label. Rocket Science features the band's jam-to-tape approach on ten excellent tunes written by the great guitarist Scott Henderson, bassist Gary Willis, and keyboardist Scott Kinsey. Henderson is on fire and Willis is walking all over the CD with his great bass walks and subliminal bottom that anchor the show. Along with the thunderous drumming of Kirk Covington, that, by the way, is totally fresh, and the great keyboard playing of Scott Kinsey, listeners can literally take a ride out to the stratosphere. With guitar solos that speak to you, Scott Henderson gives ho-hum thoughts an overdub and your imagination a new direction on "Saturn 5" with guitar work that will stun you with his brilliant technical command of sonic shrapnel. "Song Holy Hall" is an excellent piece that features a great Zen-like approach by bassist Gary Willis while the title track, "Rocket Science," is a ferocious rock jam based on a extraordinary collection of tones and scintillating grooves fused through Henderson's Mooger Fooger ring modulator. As with their previous effort Thick, the totally improvised music on Rocket Science continues to reveal their ability to convey their unspoken communications. Some bands may have that quality in their ability to improvise, but only Tribal Tech could pull off this kind of unrehearsed jam session with such great results.
Rocket Science continues the Tribal Tech tradition into the new millennium, featuring guitarist Scott Henderson's trademark intensity and creativity, spurred on by stellar bandmates, Gary Willis (bass), Scott Kinsey (keys), Kirk Covington (drums). Consisting of in-studio jams (like 1999s "Thick"), the song's outlines offer plenty of room for improvisational moments by all musicians, and Henderson's ring-modulated guitar takes a good share of the audio spectrum. In the words of Gary Willis, "More jammin', more slammin', more is more - words to live by". You'll find it on Rocket Science.