Scott Henderson; Tribal Tech - Spears (1985)
Front Cover Album Info
Artist/Composer Scott Henderson; Tribal Tech
Title Spears
Length 44:00 Discs: 1 Tracks: 7
Format LQ <160 kbps Packaging Jewel Case
Label Relativity Cat. Number 88010-1030-2
Style Fusion Rating
Recorded 1985 
Comment świetny walcujący Punkin Head !
Musicians Credits
Scott Henderson guitar
Gary Willis bass
Brad Dutz percussion
Steve Houghton drums
Pat Coil keyboards
Bob Sheppard saxophones, flute
Producer Scott Henderson
Track list
Caribbean (Henderson) 08:13
Punkin Head (Henderson) 06:10
Ivy Towers (Henderson) 04:49
Tribal (Henderson) 02:12
Spears (Henderson) 07:10
Island City Shuttle (Henderson) 07:28
Big Fun (Henderson) 07:58
AMG Review by Alex Henderson (3):
Scott Henderson's perfectly summarized his outlook when, in 1991, he told L.A. Jazz Scene: "Fusion isn't a dirty word to me. I'm proud to call myself a fusion player." Indeed, real jazz-fusion — spontaneous, risk-taking and improvisatory — is exactly what the electric guitarist passionately and enthusiastically embraces on Spears, his debut album. Drawing on such influences as Return to Forever, John McLaughlin and Weather Report, the hard-edged guitarist set the uncompromising tone for his career and that of his band Tribal Tech which, in 1985, included Gary Willis on electric bass, Pat Coil on electric keyboards, Michael Brecker-disciple Bob Sheppard on tenor and soprano sax and flute, Steve Houghton on drums and Brad Dutz on mallets & percussion. Often showing a complex and cerebral sense of melody and harmony, this CD (first released on Passport and reissued by Relativity in 1990) underscores the fact that when fusion is played with integrity, it's very much an extension of the jazz tradition.