David Sanchez - Sketches Of Dreams (1994)
Front Cover Album Info
Artist/Composer David Sanchez
Title Sketches Of Dreams
Length 60:02 Discs: 1 Tracks: 9
Format CD-R (copy) Packaging Jewel Case
Label Sony Cat. Number 67021
Style General Jazz Rating
Recorded grudzień 1994 
Musicians Credits
David Sanchez sax tenor, sax soprano
Roy Hargrove trumpet
Dave Kikoski piano
Danílo Perez piano
Jerry Gonzalez percussion
Jerry Gonzalez percussion
John Benítez bass
Adam Cruz drums
Adam Cruz bass
Leon Parker drums, claves
Producer John Snyder
Producer Dr. George Butler
Producer Charles Fishman
Engineer Jay Newland
Track list
Africa Y Las Americas 05:38
Bomba Blues 06:44
Falling In Love With Love 07:51
The Extension 05:17
Tu Y Mi Cancion 05:39
Mal Social 07:46
Sketches Of Dreams 06:31
It's Easy To Remember 08:30
Little Melonae 06:06
_AMG Review (4):
David Sanchez, who has an appealing tone on the tenor (at times hinting at Joe Henderson and Stanley Turrentine), matches well with trumpeter Roy Hargrove and the creative Latin percussionists during the first two numbers. However, at that point Hargrove disappears (only popping up on "Sketches of Dreams") and the percussionists are often de-emphasized in favor of more straight-ahead music; three numbers are played with just a standard rhythm section. Pianists David Kikoski and Danilo Perez both have plenty of solo space, with Perez's complex yet accessible style sometimes coming close at times to stealing honors. But Sanchez's warm sound (which is quite appealing on the ballad "Tu Y Mi Cancion" and a tender "It's Easy to Remember") eventually emerges as the main star. Perhaps in the future he should do a full Latin album or an entire set of ballads. This sampler CD (which includes two outings on soprano) is a good example of his talents. — Scott Yanow