Pat Metheny Group - Speaking Of Now (rel.2002)
Front Cover Album Info
Artist/Composer Pat Metheny Group
Title Speaking Of Now
Length 71:59 Discs: 1 Tracks: 9
Format CD Packaging Jewel Case
Label Warner Bros. Cat. Number 48025
Style General Jazz Rating
Musicians Credits
Pat Metheny guitars
Lyle Mays piano, synth.
Steve Rodby acoustic bass
Richard Bona vocals
Cuong Vu trumpet, vocals
Antonio Sanchez drums
Producer Pat Metheny
Mastering Steve Rodby
Mastering Lyle Mays
Track list
As It Is (Lyle Mays) 07:42
Proof (Lyle Mays) 10:18
Another Life (Pat Metheny) 07:13
The Gathering Sky (Lyle Mays) 09:26
You (Pat Metheny) 08:57
On Her Way (Lyle Mays) 05:41
A Place In The World (Lyle Mays) 09:54
Afternoon (Pat Metheny) 04:45
Wherever You Go (Lyle Mays) 08:03
AMG Review (3 1/2):
Speaking of Now finds guitarist Metheny leading a retooled Pat Metheny Group; in addition to longtime core members, keyboardist Lyle Mays and bassist Steve Rodby, the Group now includes drummer Antonio Sanchez, trumpeter/vocalist Cuong Vu, and Richard Bona, who's best known as a bassist, but who functions primarily as the Group's percussionist/vocalist. The result is an exquisite album that features fresh new musical perspectives while losing none of the Group's familiar wide-ranging, melodic, always accessible sound. Most of the tracks on Speaking of Now were composed by Metheny and his longtime collaborator Mays, although three tracks were composed solely by Metheny. There's a buoyant feel to this album that is not to be confused with lightness. This is complex, intricately detailed music that reveals additional layers with each listening. Metheny seems to delight in discovering the myriad means by which his prodigiously accomplished bandmembers can provide coloration to the compositions, both within the larger group and in solo spotlights. Sanchez's rhythmic agility and sensitivity is featured throughout, particularly on "The Gathering Sky," which begins as a sparkling, piano-led number and then transforms into a grooving band jam. One of the album's many solo highlights comes during "Proof," where Vu turns in a poignantly lyrical trumpet solo that is followed by an electrifying, steadily intensifying solo by Mays. Vocals have long been part of the Metheny Group sound, but now he is utilizing them in new ways; "Another Life" opens with Bona and Vu harmonizing on a chorale that leads into the artist's delicate acoustic guitar work, while Bona provides sweet vocalizing over Metheny's guitar on the beautiful, soaring "You." Every track on Speaking of Now possesses a distinct beauty and eloquence. This is a superb offering that is not to be missed. — Lucy Tauss