Allan Holdsworth - All Night Wrong (rel.2003)
Front Cover Album Info
Artist/Composer Allan Holdsworth
Title All Night Wrong
Length 56:07 Discs: 1 Tracks: 8
Format HQ 192+ kbps Packaging Jewel Case
Label Favored Nations Cat. Number 2330
Style General Jazz; Progressive Rock Rating
Recorded live 
Musicians Credits
Allan Holdsworth el.guitar
Chad Wackerman drums
Jimmy Johnson bass
Producer Hiroya Tsubaki
Producer Akira Yada
Engineer Yoshiro Suzuki
Engineer Hiroyuki Shiotsuki
Mastering Koji Suzuki
Track list
Lanyard Loop 05:48
The Things You See 06:55
Alphrazallan 07:06
Funnels 05:03
Zone 09:21
Water on The Brain PT. II 05:32
Above & Below 08:23
Gas Lamp Blues 07:59
AMG Review (4):
Guitar hero Allan Holdsworth often performs with his peers. Such is the case with this live setting recorded at a venue in Japan during a 2002 tour. On this release, the guitarist leads a trio featuring longtime musical associates, drummer Chad Wackerman, and bassist Jimmy Johnson. To that end, the respective musicians' talents are well-known entities. Wackerman and Johnson can handle the trickiest time signatures imaginable. Along with the nimble flexibilities and odd-metered excursions witnessed here, they exude a force of power that serves as a meaty foundation for Holdsworth's mighty licks. A wonderfully recorded album, Holdsworth's climactically driven legato-based riffs are intact, as he also implements jazzy chord voicings and delicately stated fabrics of sound. But the trio raises the ante throughout many of these pieces, awash with moments of nuance and controlled firepower. In sum, Holdsworth's legion of followers should be pleased with a recording that should rank among his finest efforts to date. — Glenn Astarita

Live Holdsworth ********** Exceptional, September 11, 2003 Reviewer: boceephus from Mariposa, Ca United States
Finally, Al's recorded a live album. Except for the crowd noise (and there's very little of that, due in part to the collective holding of one's breath while these artists jam) this album has a studio quality recording. The instruments are out front, clear and crisp. Wackerman's solo jumps out of the speakers with sonic clarity I've never heard on a live album. Jimmy Johnson weighs in with some very emotional playing, like a heartbeat keeping the music vibrant and ..... physical? Whatever, Jimmy sounds great. Allan's soloing is strong and colorful. Most amazing is the flawlessness of his fingerwork.
The song selection is a varied mix from throughout his solo catalogue.
Hopefully, Al will be offering up some more "Live" music due to the success of this CD.
Allan Holdsworth rules!!!!!